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Donating this space to help children and families

Over the past few days, I have read about a number of people or organizations that are in need and wanted to reach out to my readers to see if any of them can help out. Here are a few places that you could really make a difference:

  • Wanted for Christmas: Socks with No Holes: A Mama's Blog writes about her sister who is a teacher in an impovrished school in Denver that is in great need of anything that could be helpful to poor families at Christmas. No cash or cheques can be accepted, but Wal Mart gift cards and things like socks, pencils, chapter books, crayons, and so on would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sew Hoping for a Miracle: The Domestic Diva's daughter is in need of a live kidney donor. They have transferred her care to NY Presbyterian-Columbia University Hospital (NYP) in hopes their additional living-donor kidney programs will save her life.  Not only will NYP consider family members as donors, but are willing to evaluate EVERYONE (friends, associates and kind strangers) who wants to donate a kidney.

  • Donate a Sling to a Needy Mama: For International Babywearing Week, North Texas Natural Families is sharing information about a sling drive to bring slings to needy families to give them the convenience, joy and ease of babywearing.

  • Kiva - Loans that Change Lives: If you don't have any extra money or goods to donate to needy families, but can afford to park some money for a while, then consider lending some money to a needy entrepreneur in the developing world to help them get out of poverty and support their family. You can empower a fellow mom and give her the opportunity to create a better life for her children. You can lend small amounts such as $25 or larger amounts and when the loan is repayed, you can take your money out or invest in another entrepreneur.

  • Jack Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute: The renowned breastfeeding expert Jack Newman no longer has funding for his clinic that has helped so many moms and babies both locally and around the world. His Web site provides invaluable videos and fact sheets on breastfeeding that help so many people. Please donate if you can or at least reach out and create awareness of the need for donations.

These are but a few ideas of small things you can do to make a big difference in other people's lives.
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