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Goodbye dear blog readers

I'm done.

I could take you down a long winded path of words to tell you that, but that has never been my writing style. I'd rather be direct.

For seven years, I wrote here. I shared my thoughts about parenting, feminism, social change and the intersection between them.  I wrote 200 posts about breastfeeding and another 600 or so on other topics. Even I find that hard to believe. But I've had less and less to share as my children get older. I feel like I've written just about everything I wanted to write about parenting (and I don't like repeating myself) and I also find there are less common topics to discuss as our children get older. 

As I wrote previously:

I'm parenting inside a relationship that is many years in the making.

Within the walls of that relationship, the books, the magazines, and the experts mean a lot less than my intuition does. Every once in a while, I read an article that catches my interest or inspires me, but I spend a lot less time deep diving for ideas than I once did. I look to my children to show me how to parent them, not to some outside source of expertise and validation that knows nothing about who my children are, who I am, or what our relationship is like.

The interesting conversations about parenting, I find, are more often in one-on-one situations with people who know my children and who know me. My Internet interactions about parenting have become less about big issues and more about daily anecdotes. Those anecdotes don't often make it to the blog, because it is hard to write a full blog post on something that is easily said in 140 characters on twitter.

With each year, the number of blog posts I have written has dwindled. In 2014, I only wrote 14 blog posts. Barely more than one per month. This year, I've only written one prior to this one. I've been planning this blog's demise for a while, but needed to find the right time. Since then, numerous other bloggers have announced similar ends to their blogs. Others seem to be on their way out too.

The blog isn't going anywhere. I will keep PhD in Parenting on the Internet.  Around 2000 people still visit the blog on an average day, 86% of them for the first time.  Keeping content on the Internet isn't free. I'll still have to pay for hosting and the domain name. If you visit the site and find the content useful, I would appreciate you clicking on my Amazon links and making purchases. It is no additional cost to you, but a small percentage goes to me and helps me cover the cost of the blog.


I'm not going anywhere either. While I'm done focusing on parenting, I've been online for almost 25 years now and I don't plan to leave the Internet altogether anytime soon. If you want to know where to find me, drop me a line and I'll let you know (please do not send press releases or requests for product reviews). 

If you're new to the blog and want to dig in a bit, you're welcome to read through my archives and check out the most popular posts on the blog. Comments are still open now, but I'll likely shut them down soon so that I don't have to keep an eye on comment moderation and spam.

To those of you who have read my blog over the years: THANK YOU. I've appreciated interacting with so many of you in discussions in the comments, on facebook and twitter, and on your blogs.  Goodbye.


Pssst...I think the feminist parenting is working

This week, as I've been solo parenting, my ten year old has been voicing observations. I'm not entirely sure if they are innocent observations or developing snark. Either way, I think they are a sign that the feminist parenting is working.

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Self-Control vs. Distraction in the Digital Age

digital distractions

When I was in school, distractions were limited. Diversions were something I planned for and rewarded myself with. They weren't things tempting me, one click away, 24 hours per day. In this day of constant digital distractions and instant amusement at the click of a button, will our kids will ever be able to develop the willpower or the skill or whatever it is to ignore the nagging of the digital distractions? I read a study, but it left me with more questions than answers.

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Olivia Wilde's Glamour Breastfeeding Photo: What's the Point?


It is World Breastfeeding Week and Glamour magazine released its September 2014 issue with series of photos of Olivia Wilde. The photos feature Wilde in a diner. In some photos she has her baby with her and in others she is alone. One photo, a glamourous breastfeeding picture, shows Wilde sitting in a booth nursing her naked diaperless baby. Does this image help normalize breastfeeding or promote the commodification of mother-child moments?

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Why Do So Many Children Die in Hot Cars? 

child rear facing mirror

Each year, tragically, the issue of children dying in hot cars comes up. Most parents think it will never happen to them, but it does happen to regular parents who thought they'd never be the one. What do you need to know to reduce the risk of it happening to your child.

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