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Should You Change the Gender Roles in Your Marriage Because of a Study?


Last week researchers at the University of British Columbia released a study that looked at parents, children and gender roles. It found that fathers who do a greater share of the domestic chores have daughters who aspire to more male dominated, higher paying careers. So if dads want their daughters to be engineers or scientists or stock brokers instead of nurses or teachers or (gasp!) stay at home moms, they should do the laundry and the dishes more often. But is that how we should interpret the study's results?

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Moms, Trolls, Blog Comments and Rebecca Eckler's "Mommy Mob"

Internet Troll

When I first heard that Rebecca Eckler was going to be writing a book about the "Mommy Mob", I asked worriedly if she "names names". Then I went off and Googled to see if I'd ever written anything about Rebecca Eckler or if I'd ever commented on any of her blog posts. I knew of Rebecca and I knew I'd read some of her articles, but I didn't have a particular opinion of her or her writing before I learned that she was writing this book. But wow...some other people certainly have strong opinions and her book exposes these trolls in all their glory.

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Come Help Change the World - I'm Giving Away ShiftCon Tickets

I'm speaking at ShiftCon

I'm speaking at ShiftCon, a groundbreaking eco wellness social media conference, in October 2014. Are you a shifter? Someone speaking out, taking action and helping the world shift in the right direction? Then you should be at ShiftCon and I may have a ticket to give away to you.

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Where Can I Shop for Clothing? Understanding Bangladesh, Safety and Ethical Sourcing

Young woman in Bangladesh training to work in the garment industry

A lot of people were hit hard by the images of the Rana Plaza factory that collapsed in Bangladesh last year and the news of the factory fires that came before that. As Western consumers of many of the goods that are produced in that factory, the deaths, the injuries, the inhumane working conditions make us feel guilty, devastated and confused. Where can we buy clothing for our families without hurting people? How do we know that the companies that we are buying from are treating workers fairly and ensuring they have safe working conditions?

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Masterchef Mama?

Masterchef Canada

This year, I started watching Masterchef Canada. I heard there was going to be a food blogger on it, so thought I would check it out. I didn't expect to get hooked and I certainly didn't expect my kids to express an interest. I did and they did though and it has now become a weekly routine to watch the show together. "You should be on Masterchef, Mama," they say to me. But should I be?

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