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Should You Change the Gender Roles in Your Marriage Because of a Study?


Last week researchers at the University of British Columbia released a study that looked at parents, children and gender roles. It found that fathers who do a greater share of the domestic chores have daughters who aspire to more male dominated, higher paying careers. So if dads want their daughters to be engineers or scientists or stock brokers instead of nurses or teachers or (gasp!) stay at home moms, they should do the laundry and the dishes more often. But is that how we should interpret the study's results?

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Beyond Judging: France to Fine and Jail Beauty Pageant Parents

beauty pageant girl

Here in North America, there is a lot of finger pointing judgment and feminist critique of the sexualization of girls in the child beauty pageant industry.In France, they are moving beyond the judging and the critiquing and are planning to make it illegal to put your daughter in a beauty pageant, punishable by two years of jail time and fines of 30,000 Euros.

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Back to School = Back to Gender Roles

It is officially 'back to school' season in the media and consumer worlds. Unfortunately, this year (as with many years) it is being used as an opportunity to reinforce old gender roles and stereotypes. This time, courtesy of The Children's Place, Canadian Living and random people on twitter.

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Gender According to Google

Gender According to Google

Do the things people ask Google about women and men, mothers and fathers, and girls and boys give us some insight into how the world views gender? Today on the blog, I ask people how they feel about these results. Is it interesting? Scary? Weird?

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International Day of the Girl: Should We Have Hope? 

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