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#FeminismIsForMothersToo, Obviously 


From the moment that a woman gets pregnant, our patriarchal society begins policing her choices, but refuses to provide her with any actual support. Motherhood is now a greater predictor of inequality than gender in the United States, yet mothers are also the key to improving the plight of children in general and girls in particular around the world. This is why #FeminismIsForMothersToo.

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A Girl Gets Her Doll - Flashback to the 1980s (Guest Post)

baby boy doll

When she was a little girl, Karin went off in search of a baby boy doll to add to her collection. This is a little story about her search and how she found "Tommy".

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The 'Feminist' or 'Retro' Housewife: What's the Problem?

A couple of weeks ago, New York Magazine published an article initially called "The Feminist Housewife" (and later changed, it seems, to "The Retro Wife"). The subtitle reads "feminists who say they're having it all - by choosing to stay home" and the article features the story of Kelly Makino, a mom who decided to stay at home full time. What's wrong with that, you may ask?

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Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg: When Executive Women Keep Other Women Down

This week, two executive women made some pretty questionable business moves. These moves were not only baffling in their own right, but also stand to negatively impact women in the workplace.

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Choice -- We're Doing It Wrong

We all make choices in imperfect conditions. Lack of knowledge, lack of support, limited options, limited resources, lack of privilege, preconceived notions, pressure to compromise, not wanting to be difficult, exhaustion. These are all things that contribute to the choices that we make. The existence of imperfect conditions doesn't make our choices universally wrong or universally right.

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