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Come Help Change the World - I'm Giving Away ShiftCon Tickets

I'm speaking at ShiftCon

I'm speaking at ShiftCon, a groundbreaking eco wellness social media conference, in October 2014. Are you a shifter? Someone speaking out, taking action and helping the world shift in the right direction? Then you should be at ShiftCon and I may have a ticket to give away to you.

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The Meaning Behind a Photo: Children, Photo Journalism, and Social Good Campaigns

girl curled up inside chalk drawing

Have you seen this photograph? I saw it for the first time the other day when a friend shared it on facebook. When I found out that the picture is not at all what it was being passed off as, I felt deceived, and it got me thinking about the way we use photos to tell stories, especially when those photos involve children.

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Join Me For ShiftCon 2014: An Eco Wellness Social Media Conference 


Next year, there is going to be a great new social media conference specifically for eco and wellness bloggers. If you are passionate about social change, organic food, health, environmentally friendly products and more, this is the place for you to be. I hope you'll join me for a great weekend of learning and networking.

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Choice -- We're Doing It Wrong

We all make choices in imperfect conditions. Lack of knowledge, lack of support, limited options, limited resources, lack of privilege, preconceived notions, pressure to compromise, not wanting to be difficult, exhaustion. These are all things that contribute to the choices that we make. The existence of imperfect conditions doesn't make our choices universally wrong or universally right.

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