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Moms, Trolls, Blog Comments and Rebecca Eckler's "Mommy Mob"

Internet Troll

When I first heard that Rebecca Eckler was going to be writing a book about the "Mommy Mob", I asked worriedly if she "names names". Then I went off and Googled to see if I'd ever written anything about Rebecca Eckler or if I'd ever commented on any of her blog posts. I knew of Rebecca and I knew I'd read some of her articles, but I didn't have a particular opinion of her or her writing before I learned that she was writing this book. But wow...some other people certainly have strong opinions and her book exposes these trolls in all their glory.

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Parenting: Someone Thinks You're Doing it Wrong

When I read Phyllis Rippeyoung's paper for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and on the immense societal pressure toward intensive motherhood, something was bugging me. At first, I thought it was just a tinge of defensiveness that was nagging at me. After all, attachment parenting was a style that worked well for us and I certainly didn't feel that it subjugated me as a woman, since we went down that path together as equal parents. But after I while, I realized it wasn't just my defensiveness that made it not sit right with me. It was the fact that I felt an entirely different kind of pressure.

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