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Self-Control vs. Distraction in the Digital Age

digital distractions

When I was in school, distractions were limited. Diversions were something I planned for and rewarded myself with. They weren't things tempting me, one click away, 24 hours per day. In this day of constant digital distractions and instant amusement at the click of a button, will our kids will ever be able to develop the willpower or the skill or whatever it is to ignore the nagging of the digital distractions? I read a study, but it left me with more questions than answers.

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A "Like" Doesn't Save Lives, Money Does

Followers Don't Save Lives

Over the years, you've probaby seen a lot of campaigns saying that if you "like" something or comment on a blog post, a donation will be made to feed hungry children, vaccinate babies, or find a cure for breast cancer. It sounds easy, it IS easy, but there's often more to it than that. I can see the good in some of these campaigns, but I'm also wary about corporate attachments to good causes.

This is why, although I'm a social good and social change blogger, you'll see me shy away from, ignore, or sometimes outright criticize the social good campaigns with major corporate affiliations (unless they are transparent and have no conflict of interest). That is also why it is easy for me to enthusiastically support UNICEF Canada's "Likes Don't Save Lives" campaign, which encourages people to go beyond slacktivism and make a donation that will make a difference.

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