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Play = a healthy job? Carnival Posts (Part 2)

Time to profile a few more Carnival of Play posts!

Play Day (by TopHat @ the bee in your bonnet)

A child's job is to play.

That is how TopHat starts out her post and I couldn't agree more! The rest of her post describes an experiment she conducted just for this carnival (I'm so flattered and was thrilled to read it!). She decided to play with her daughter Margaret all day long. Nevermind chores, nevermind twitter, nevermind blogging, nevermind errands. The day was about play. Read her post to find out how it turned out...

Think Play-Nutrition-Rest (by TwinToddlersDad @ Little Stomaks)

Childhood obesity is real;  BMI’s are rising; attention spans are shortening and immune systems are weakening.

Okay, so play is fun. Play creates attachment. Play makes us smart. But what are some of the physical health benefits of play? What are the nutritional requirements of active toddlers? And how can you, the parent, get something out of all of this play? Check out TwinToddlersDad's post to learn the answers to these questions and more...

The Carnival of Play Continues…

Did you like these posts? If so, give them a Stumble, tweet about them, share them on your blog!

There is lots more to come! If I haven't featured your post yet, thank you for posting it and it will be featured during the carnival. I am doing a few theme-based posts, so if your post fits into a theme that I have planned, I may have pegged it for a specific post.

If you haven't participated yet, it isn't too late! Go back to the introductory post to learn about all the ways you can get involved in the Carnival of Play and have a chance to win a copy of the book Play by Stuart Brown, M.D.
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