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Silken Laumann says "Play!"

If you don't believe me that play is important, then take it from Olympian Silken Laumann. She has written quite a bit about play, including the two articles that I'm featuring here today. You can read more from her on her Web site: SilkenLaumann.com

This great article called "the power of family play" in Canadian Health and Lifestyle Magazine talks about the importance of play, how to find time for play, and gives some suggestions for simple fun activities that your family can play. She also talks about how you can create a Community Action Network (CAN) to bring families and neighbourhoods together to play, giving everyone more opportunity for play.

In a second article called "Let's play" in Parents Canada Silken talks specifically about the importance of unstructured free play for kids. She gives some tips for getting back to basics with play and freeing up your family so that play can just happen.

Want more?

If you are interested in learning more from Silken about play, you can also read her book Child's Play. I haven't read the book, but from the description it sounds like it is very in line with my thoughts around play. The description says:
We have forgotten just how important unstructured play is for our children’s development and well-being: It keeps kids healthy, creative and active; it teaches them valuable life skills and, most importantly, it lets our kids be kids, worry-free, unfettered. Child’s Play is a call for action, a guide to reconnecting with our kids, and a blueprint for building safe, supportive communities and healthy schools. Above all, it’s a book of simple ideas for parents desperate for change.

I think I'll have to add it to my reading list!

This information was recommended for the Carnival of Play by Beth @ Shades of Bliss. Thanks Beth! Do you have a link about play to recommend? If so, you can be entered into the carnival contest. More details here.
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