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Learning and Nodding: Raising My Boychick

I read a lot of blogs. A lot of them I read so that I can get my daily head nodding exercise. Yup. I agree. You said it so well. Fabulous. Some of them I read because they write about things I don't know much about and would like to learn more about. A few I read because the writing is beautiful, even if I disagree with much of what is said. Some I read only when I want my head to explode because they rage against everything I believe in.

But there are only a few blogs that consistently make me think, where I am nodding my head, yes I am nodding my head, but at the same time I'm being stretched. I'm being shown new ways of looking at things, given a new perspective, challenging my mind.

My most recent discovery in that last group is Raising my Boychick. Arwyn, the blog's author, describes herself this way:
I'm a walking contradiction: knitting feminist fulltime parent, Wiccan science-minded woowoo massage student, queer-identified male-partnered monogamist, body-loving healthy-eating fat chick, unmedicated sane and stable bipolar. But it feels all-me.

But most importantly (for me), she makes me think. I love that. To learn more about her and her writing, you can check out her after the fact bloggy introduction and review.

So go read her blog, comment on her blog (she also has a kick-ass beta comment policy), follow her on twitter, and...if you like to write about feminist parenting consider sharing your ideas in a guest post as part of her feminist parenting primer.
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Reader Comments (5)

Feel weird being the first/only to comment on this, but really needed to say: Thank you. You have no idea how happy this recommendation and your description makes me. Really, thank you.

So... where's your contribution to the Primer? ;)

July 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterArwyn

@Arwyn: I was hoping that the reason no one was commenting on this post is because they are so busy reading your blog and commenting on it! I will put together something for the primer. Waiting for inspiration to hit...

July 15, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterphdinparenting

You two are funny.

I checked out Arwyn's post, from your Tweet, Annie, about her feelings on breastfeeding her toddler. Powerful stuff, beautifully written.

I absolutely second your recommendation.

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