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IComLeavWe: Day 2

This is day two of IComLeavWe on speed. As I make my way through over 100 blogs this week, reconnecting and leaving comments, I hope to feature a couple of posts each day and also list the posts that I commented on.

Featured post - Reasonable religion

As many of my readers know, I am an atheist. I don't believe in God. I don't practice a religion. I think that some concepts, like sin, may do more harm than good. Among religions and the religious, I find a wide range from inspiring and reasonable to fanatic and destructive. Today I wanted to share an excerpt from Her Bad Mother's post Just Like a Prayer (in response to the calls for Prayers for Anissa) because I think her thoughts on intercessory prayer make a lot of sense:
As I said some months ago, ‘why should God help us find a cure for cancer, and not for muscular dystrophy? Find one lost child, and not another? Help the Red Wings win while leaving children dying in sub-Saharan Africa? If God is a god who lets bad things happen, the only way that I can understand that is if the point of letting bad things happen is to compel us to cope with pain and heartbreak and evil ourselves, alone, to better understand those things. And that idea of a didactic God doesn’t square with a picture of God as a moody patriarch who dispenses favors to his children on the basis of who supplicates most fervently.’

Read the rest of her post. It truly is a common sense perspective on prayer. Comments are closed on the post itself, so I'm leaving my comment by making it my featured post here.

Posts I commented on today

  1. Chocolate Mints in a Jar: Thoughts on Motherhood and the Mother

  2. Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile: A Thankful Tree and a Giving Tree (Help Me Make Up My Mind)

  3. Creative Thoughts by Chelle: Mommy & Me

  4. Crunchy Domestic Goddess: Wordless Wednesday: First Stitches

  5. Crunchy Carpets: Verbal Minority

  6. Culture Kitchen: There are no words: A job as an immigration law assistant and a lawyer

  7. Shut Up, Sit Down: The adult privilege checklist

  8. Curious Dad: Discovery / BBC series "Life" definitely not for small children

  9. Dagmar Bleasdale: The Joy of Raising a Bilingual Child

  10. DaniGirl: The power of positive thinking, or Good things are worth waiting for

  11. Extra(hour)dinary Parenting: The Glowing Product Review: My Tot Clock

  12. Family Anatomy: How Pretend Play is Central to "Living in the Moment"

  13. Equally Shared Parenting: The Dr. Phil Time Warp

  14. Family Nature: Aren't All Children Whole Children?

  15. Feels Like Home Blog: Sightseeing in Valley Forge

  16. Vintage Mama's Rants: Why you should never let your baby cry it out (CIO)

  17. Grudge Mom: Memoirs of an 11-year old

  18. Her Bad Mother: Just like a prayer

  19. Half Pint Pixie: The Pixie Bag

  20. Healthy Pregnancy: Bossy, Bossy, Bossy

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Reader Comments (5)

what a great idea and you are making me feel guilty for neglecting all the bloggers on my blogroll..must do a visit!!

November 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCrunchy

Hi Annie,

thanks for including my article in your list! I hope to have some time later to read some of the other posts mentioned here.


Totally a great idea.
I am loving NaBloPoMo because it has got me back into my blogging groove after having my third baby. It is a lot of blogging though!

November 22, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterchelle

What a really nice idea. Thanx for commenting on my blog too.
I'll try and check out the rest of your comments, even though I am having trouble just answering the comments on my blog. Keep up the great work Annie.

November 23, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjessyz

While I do believe in the power of prayer, I also agree that prayers should be backed up with tangible. Sending a note, taking out trash, driving to appointments, picking up groceries, watching pets or children, just sitting along side another in difficult times...these are important too.

November 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCorrieHowe

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